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Postcard from London 2

The past week has been spent in London on a brief work trip, and once again I was lucky enough to strike unseasonably warm and sunny weather – London in the Spring sunshine sure is lovely! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to bring my camera along on this visit, and even if I had it with […]


Out of my Element

Since returning to the world of photography in 2009, I had only been photographing in Asia which is where I live. Although I have made a few visits to ‘the west’ during this time, they have been either for work or family visits, and I regrettably travelled sans camera. So I was a little apprehensive but also […]


Postcard from York

Having finished my work commitments in Glasgow on Friday evening I decided to travel south by train to York in the north of England for the weekend, before returning to London later today for my departure flight. Yesterday I spent the morning in the town centre of York with a friend who lives not far from here, and […]


Postcard from London

I arrived here in London very early this morning for a week long business trip, and despite feeling exhausted after the overnight flight I went straight out for a photography walk with a friend who lives here. Lucky for me the weather is unusually warm at the moment and today the temperature was about 22 degrees […]