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Mountain Magic

I love to get out of this crazy crowded city and head into the countryside whenever possible, and the remote mountainous areas of northern Vietnam are my favourite destination. The scenery is spectacular at any time of day and in any weather conditions, the locals are friendly and the colourful ethnic minority groups are a […]


Postcard from Ha Giang

Mountainous Ha Giang province is located in far Northern Vietnam, and is bordered by China’s Yunnan province to the north. I have been wanting to travel to this area for the longest time, however up until now I had not had the opportunity due to work commitments and its remote location. So when the chance […]


Old Habits Die Hard…

Often the photographs I make are closely cropped portraits. These are very often taken in a doorway or window or under some sort of shade with the sun behind me, using a relatively short focal length lens. I’ve found this eliminates distractions and unwanted elements in the frame as well as the need to deal with harsh light and […]