The Monks of Tra Vinh


Some of my favourite photographs from the trip to Tra Vinh last weekend were made at Chua Hang or Hang Pagoda, also known as Komong Chray pagoda, located just a short distance from Tra Vinh city. The province has a large Khmer population and this is one of the many Khmer style Theravada Buddhist Pagodas in the area. Surprisingly few foreigners seem to visit this area, compared to the other more popular Mekong Delta provinces nearby.

Evidently the pagoda is about 350 years old and the name of the pagoda means ‘Cave Pagoda’. At the street there is a unique entrance building and the inside can be described like a tunnel or type of cave I guess. The pagoda is surrounded by a beautiful small forest of tall trees and many wild storks seem to have taken sanctuary there. The monks here ware also known for their woodcarvings, and many of the monks were studying in classes while I was visiting.

Below are a few more images I made during my visit, and some extras from the set can be seen on the Visions of Indochina website at|-PROJECTS/The-Monks-of-Tra-Vinh-|-Vietnam/1/caption/




Image post-processing courtesy of Visions of Indochina…